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What causes vitiligo

1.Friction parts become more prone to white spots, which is mainly caused by local trauma.

2.The exposed skin is vulnerable to be shined. Aftet shined. the melanophore hyperfunction 

of the exposed skin makes consumption of melanin and then melanin early decline.

3.Blood or body heat. Due to externally invaded by wind and dampness, local blood and Qi 

disharmony, occlusion of the pores of skin

4.Through 30 year' s clinical observation of Harbin Xianchen Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease ,2% patients suffered from vitiligo result from familial 


Which parts of the body are predisposed to vitilligo?

The experts of Harbin Xianchen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease saind 

that the parts where vitiligo is often are face, neck,limbs,armpit,anal area femasle genital area.Occasionally 

thete can be hairs that turn white in the affected parts of severe cases.


Type A

Dry skin and white spots. White spots 

mainly distribute on the upper part of 

the body, such as neck , chest, back 

and so on .Regarding the upper part of the body, white spots mainly appear on fingers and the back of the hand below the wrist.Most of white spots are round.


Type B

The parts of white spots are general,

whose shape is irregular and mostly 

schistose. The development of the 

comdition is slower.White spots are 



White spots with transparent pink,

scattered or generalized,hair, 

eyelash and eyebrow can partly 

become white or totally become white.


White spots appear on the acra of 

the body (face,fingers,toes)at first 

and mainly distribute these parts. 

A few patrents suffered from vitiligo 

have generalized white spots on their boby.


White spots distribute along the liver 

meridian, such as hair,eyes,the periotic,

neck,stetnal rib,breast,the both sides of 

the underbelly,crotch,groin,vulva and so 

on.Most of white spots are oval.


White spots with transparent pink,

scattered or generalized, hair,eyelash

and eyebrow can partly become white or totally become white

The trouble of vitiligo endless.


Xianchen Traditional Chinese MedicneSpecialized in for curing vitiligo

professor Wang Xianchen was born in a TCM fanily and the ninth generation.Through 30 years' comcentrate reseatrch, he 

summarized thar the cause of vitiligo is bady blood heat,skin invaded by wind and damp. Based on the recipe handed down 

from his ancestors, combining with modern advanced medical technology,he successfully developed the therapy of treating 

vitiligo-"Nourish blood and hygrotoxin"therapy


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