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Foous on academic research;Create Xianchen authoritative quality by using TCM to treat psoriasis

Harbin Xianchen Traditianal Chinese Medicine Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease grew out of a surgical hospital with

more than 100 years of history since its establishment, created by Yu Jiangchun,who is a famous doctor in northeast China. The

hospital got signigicant deceloment through the older experts and professors hard work .In recent years, as President 

of Harbin Xianchen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease, Professor Wang Xianchen took the 

older generation s medical experience, on the basis of which combined with the concept of modern medincine,has been made a 

breakthrough What s more, he also got many international awards and often was invited to participate in academic speech and 

academic conferences at home and abroad. Professor Wang s scitific achievement is well known among hospitals specialized in 

various skin diseases at home and abroad.


The origiral skin disease therapy includes two systematic therapies

1."Five Eliminations and Double Consolidations Based on Types" therapy

Use diffetent ingredients as adjuvant therapy accarding to different patients' various conditions.For patients who have

deficiency of spleen and stomach, regulate main and collateral channels and nourish stomach; for patients who deficiency

of the kidney, strengthen Qi and control nocturnal emission; for patients who have effulgent heart fire,cleat dryness and

fire; for patients whose boby contain many toxins, detoxification and inflammation. Avoid using the same prescription for every

patient. Remove the root causes of skin disease in the boby. The therapies for treating skin diseases developed by Wang Xianchen

have been widely applied in clinic and completely cured several ten thousands patients at home abroad.

2."Nourish Blood and Hygrotoxin"therapy

Critical patients or chronic patients can comdined with "Nourish Blood and Hygrotoxin" therapy, which comtains more than 

20 rare herbs, whose decoction is added into bath water. Then, use the soak,flush,wash,wipe,steam and fume the whole or 

regional body.

Win public praise by good curative effect of thousands of patients recovered

Harbin Xianchen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Specialized in Skin Disease adhetes to the idea of "inherit the essence of Chinese medicing; combine the essence with moden technology; service for the people' s health." The hospital selects the most advanced medical equipment in the international medinal field and owns the most advanced detecting system for analyzing stiology and disease and then provides clinic treatment with scientific basis in order to make sure the pertinence, accuracy and effecticeness of treatment.So far, the hospital has brought benefit to thousands of patients and made remarkable contributions to the development of skin disease cause.


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