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Case of foreign patients - Heba

Heba Hussni Shembesh, female, Austrian. She came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease for treating her disease on April 4, 1996. Only 19-year-old Heba was at the age of youth but was plagued by vitiligo for several years. The most painful thing for her is vitiligo on her face. President felt sorry for this beautiful girl when saw her because the area of white patches nearly occupied her entire face but her original skin color still could be seen. Therefore, the formation of a great contrast. Even her lip got a little white. 

After hearing President Wang’s introduction of her disease and treatment of TCM method, she decided to try President Wang’s treatment for curing the disease bothering her many years. She only can accept drug treatment due to geographical problem. President Wang prescribed four courses of drugs for her and told her the notes written by her for avoiding forgetting.

This girl came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease again in August 1997. According to President Wang's treatment, her skin changed like two people compared with a photo before treatment. The result of treatment for a year was the uniform color of her face and people couldn’t judge based on her skin color that she was a patient suffering from vitiligo once. What’s more, her facial skin became white and there was no clear black and white contrast. President Wang felt very pleased for her because she could enjoy her youth. We believed the girl would be getting much more beautiful!


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