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Case of foreign patients - Peter

Peter, male, 50 years old, Swiss. He came to China for traveling in February 2001. When he came to Harbin and accidentally saw that Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease could cure vitiligo and came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease with an attitude of attempting to cure a small area of white patch on his face. He was not sure whether it was vitiligo and wanted to know how to treat it.

President Wang confirmed the white patch on his face was vitiligo but it could be cured with the use of medicine for about a course of treatment because the affected skin was just a small area. Hearing these words, Mr. Peter felt very happy. Although the white patch was not big but it was on his face, he still felt strange from others’ vision. Thus, he felt unusually excited when he knew his vitiligo could be cured. According to President’s advice, he took a course of drug and left.

4 months later, he came back for specifically letting everyone see his recovery. He was particularly pleased to see President Wang and said that small size of white patch was really gone. Mr. Peter said he already decided to ignore this white patch and it was really a matter of chance that his disease was unexpectedly cured in the course of a trip. Therefore, he specially thanked President Wang this time for curing his disease in such a short time. President Wang also felt happy for him.

President Wang said that, no matter how small the disease, it would result in phenomenon of deterioration without treatment, so any disease should be treated as early as possible. Do not ignore any tiny demonstration signal emitted by the human body and be responsible for your own health. 


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