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Treat a disease until the disease is very serious

Patient: Zhang Ze, male, 16 years old, from Fuyu of Jilin Province

Treatment time: July 2012

Patient’s condition: There were scattered psoriases on his whole body. The development of the disease was very urgent and the disease was extended to throughout his body during over 10 days. There was a feeling of moist on his skin surface, no skin flakes. Occasionally, there were small skin flakes that fell off.

Doctor: Vice President Cao

Treatment process: Zhang Ze came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease with a bad mood. He developed well and was tall. He liked playing basketball but he couldn’t play basketball because of his illness so he felt very depressed. It was summer and person’s mood was irritable in summer. After understanding the situation, Vice President Cao carefully asked about the status of the disease-related and treated him with the use of "multidimensional nano activated disinfection dialectical" therapy. The treatment resulted in good result for only half a month because the child was obedient and his parents cooperated. His body was basic recovery after a course of treatment in Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease. Now, his disease has completely recovered.


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