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Psoriasis destroying people

When Zhang Gang had just arrived the south, he liked good air in the south but did not adapt to humid climate. After the fall, there was a period of raining days and then the air was more humid. He found that there were many red spots on his arms but he thought this was acclimatized's sake and he would be fine after a period of adaptation process. After a period of time, he found the red spots on his arms did not disappear but increased. Sometimes itched, the more he scratched the condition more serious. In desperation, Zhang Gang came to the hospital for examination and the result made him surprise which his disease was psoriasis. The doctor prescribed drug for helpless Zhang Gang who wanted to cure his psoriasis as soon as possible.

The symptoms alleviated at the beginning of drug treatment but there were much more tinea after stopping drug treatment. Moreover, the condition was much more serious. Red papules were covered by a layer of scales. This made him feel very uncomfortable. After making inquiries by his family members, Zhang Gang came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease for treating his disease.

After seeing Zhang Gang’s condition, the expert in psoriasis pointed out that his psoriasis resulted in sudden change in climate and unsuitability for humid weather. In this process, there was no effective treatment so the disease became serious. The expert pointed out that prevention is a very important aspect for fighting psoriasis. Because Zhang Gang lived in a humid environment, the disease was easy to relapse. The expert of Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease selected "Improve Blood; Clear Toxin" for Zhang Gang. Moisten lung and regulate liver, and exorcise detoxification while eliminate surface symptoms. Zhang Gang was also told that he must have preventive measure for recurrence. Experienced a period of treatment, Zhang Gang finally gradually controlled the condition. Because the recovery was better, so the hospital only arranged a course of consolidation therapy for Zhang Gang. After this course, Zhang Gang really healed his psoriasis.


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