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The first attempt to use TCM to treat my psoriasis

I am 37 years old this year and already suffered from psoriasis for 3 years. 3 years ago, I suffered from pharyngitis that did not have caught my attention at that time and I also did not take any medicine. This pharyngitis lasted for almost a month. Unexpectedly, there were red papules subsequently appearing on my limbs and torso. I had thought that the rash was caused by allergy. Recommended by my friend, I took some anti-infective drugs and the effect was good which the rash quickly disappeared. Thus, I did not have this thing in my heart. Unfortunately, the rash reoccurred each autumn and winter since then. What’s more, the rash was covered by silver skin flakes. Because my family has a history of psoriasis, I knew I suffered from psoriasis. I started fighting with psoriasis for three years since then. During this period, I did as what doctors told and tried to adjust diet and living habits. Although my psoriasis reoccurred, I generally felt satisfied with the treatment result. But I caught a cold a few months ago and then rash widely appeared on my scalp, torso and limbs with the feeling of mild itching. Silver scale covering papules and maculopapules were shaved followed by film phenomenon and petechial hemorrhage and gradually serious. Meanwhile, my feeling was accompanied by dry mouth, fond of drink cold water, irritability, dry stool, dark yellow urine and the whole body hot. I selected some medicines based on my previous experience in medicine but the condition was not better after a month. 

To be honest, although I have suffered from psoriasis for 3 years, I actually did not think about using TCM to treat it. I was persuaded by my friend to use TCM to treat my disease and decided to have a try. I came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialist In Skin Disease which use TCM therapy to treat various skin diseases and is a professional hospital regarding the treatment of psoriasis. I accepted the expert’s examination and treatment. There is no recurrent symptom since I was cured and the affected areas are gradually better. The expert told me that I should not worry for using TCM to treat my disease and the effect would be seen over time. It is really true. I did according to the expert's advices and cooperated with the expert’s treatment. Now, my disease is cured and has no recurrence yet. I should be grateful to select TCM to treat my disease which does not blow my confidence.


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