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Two people fell in love due to psoriasis

Xiao Gang living in Bin County had psoriasis for 5 years ago; Xiao Juan living in Shuang City had psoriasis for 3 years ago. Psoriasis brought Xiao Gang and Xiao Juan together. The couple has a lot feeling about the experience of struggling against psoriasis together, which also makes them understand the treasure of the current life and cherish their happy marriage resulting from psoriasis.

In March 2008, there were red pimples appearing on Xiao Gang’s body, which are red knots as big as green beans and made him uncomfortably itch and scratching an itch cannot solve the problem. Then, the red knots gradually expanded into reddish brown patches, the surface of which gradually turned white with the skin of the affected area peeling off. Xiao Gang’s disease was diagnosed with psoriasis by the local hospital. During the 5 years, Xiao Gang used many methods to treat his disease but the result was not good. Xiao Juan had psoriasis in May 2010. Xiao Juan’s condition is similar with that of Xiao Gang. In spring of 2013, both Xiao Gang and Xiao Juan learned that Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease can cure various incurable skin diseases that other hospitals cannot cure. Moreover, there are many patients cured by Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease.

Over time, Xiao Gang’s psoriasis gradually improved, Xiao Juan’s psoriasis also gradually improved, which further strengthened their love devoted to each other. Xiao Gang’s disease completely cured at the time of almost 5 months of treatment. So did Xiao Juan. There was no red spot, red point on Xiao Juan’s body and her skin is as smooth and delicate as before without any scar. Before they discharged themselves from hospital, Xiao Gang and Xiao Juan get together happily specially to thank the president Wang Xianchen. After getting home, both parents are happy and particularly satisfied with Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease because their psoriasis was completely healed. By mutual consent of the parents, Xiao Gang and Xiao Juan tied the knot and got married in 2013. Later, when recalling the experience of healing together, Xiao Gang and Xiao Juan are full of gratitude and thankful God let them get together because of illness.


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