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Let a 7-year-old girl get rid of “little calico cat” nickname

Yang XX, a pupil, 7 years old, is from Anhui. A few years ago, her face and neck unfortunately suffered from vitiligo. Her classmates laughed at her and gave her a nickname “little calico cat”. Because of this, she had a great psychological pressure and cried many times. She was very young but losing smile due to nasty vitiligo. Her parents were more anxious and took her to dermatology hospitals everywhere in Anhui. She had 4-5 operations in some dermatology hospitals but the results were not satisfied. Her classmates still called her “little calico cat”. Hearing this nickname, the feeling of her parents worse than their hearts were pierced by knives. 

Later, her parents got a line on Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease. Since many large hospitals had not successfully cured her disease, they just brought the child to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialist in Skin Disease with a mindset of try. The great pain of this disease was not in the flesh but in spirit. When patients with white patches on their faces walking in the crowd, they have to face strange visions that were big blows for patients. 

Her doctor made a careful treatment program for her with the use of pure TCM therapy. After a few treatments, the white patches on her face and neck disappeared and she completely got rid of the “little cat” nickname. Smile reappeared on her face.


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