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Ms Liu suffering from pine bark lichen was fired over 10 times during 7 years

Ms Liu said she suffered from pine bark lichen since childhood. She and her husband was doing work for others while was treating her illness for 7 years. She said: “I never dare to wear short-sleeved clothes so as to cover my diseased skin each summer.” Nevertheless, her colleagues still knew her condition and were afraid of being infected. Therefore, they all alienated her and she was dismissed a dozen times. 

Ms Liu was driven into a corner so she came to Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease to seek help. Professor Wang Xianchen, Ms Liu’s doctor pointed out that there were many patients like Ms Liu who have a painful experience unknown. Skin diseases seriously affect not only patients’ daily life but also psychological aspect, so patients should overcome it. Professor Wang Xianchen developed “triple green therapy” for Ms Liu’s condition, one course of which is green bathing. Green bathing increases the concentration of effective treatment because herbal bath liquid ions are absorbed, diffused and radiated into human body through skin and mucous membranes, and directly plays a therapeutic role to pathogenesis and location. Meanwhile, damp and hot stimulation causes local blood vessel and sweat pore expansion, promote local and systemic blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, make metabolism vigorous, improve local tissue nutrition and the whole body, so that the disease cured. It is understood that Ms Liu has completed two courses of traditional Chinese medicine bath treatment. Currently, the treatment result is good. Ms Liu said in surprise that her skin finally liked that of normal people and she could go to work again!

Professor Wang Xianchen opened up a “green treatment channel” of treating skin illness for TCM career by the use of TCM green bathing series, which has become increasingly favored by the majority of patients at home and abroad. Traditional Chinese medicine bath (national patent) of Harbin Xianchen TCM Hospital Specialized In Skin Disease specially cures the following skin diseases: vitiligo, dry lichen, acute eczema, psoriasis, pine bark lichen, cutaneous pruritus, universal eczema, multiple furuncle, urticaria, chronic eczema, etc.


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