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An Aspiring teenager becoming an expert by secretly learning

As the successor of TCM family with high visibility, Wang Xianchen is still deeply grateful to his grandfather, Yu Jiangchun. It made the current Wang Xianchen that Yu Jiangchun’s “thought liberation” in those years. The ordered heritage of Yu’s TCM skill was broken by Mr. Yu and he chose Wang Xianchen as his successor. Thus, Yu’s TCM skill has new inheritance and development and even is known by foreigners. 

Yu’s TCM skill with ordered heritage

It is full of legend that initially obtained of Yu’s TCM skill. Its first generation ancestor is Yu Kezhi born in a family of merchant. Yu Kezhi was studious when he was young and started doing business as an adult. He became attached to TCM through a breathtaking “accident”. 

Once, Yu Kezhi made a stopover in a small town and mistakenly came into a “tourist trap” in the night. When escaped, he readily caught a matter of self-defense. At daybreak, he found that the self-defense he caught was actually a book of traditional Chinese medicine recipes. Yu Kezhi lost his business but inadvertently got an esoteric. As if found out treasure, he determined to leave business for becoming a doctor since then. In order to learn TCM, he even looked for famous doctors no matter how far they lived. Several years later, he began practicing medicine in order to help the people in his hometown and became a famous expert in various fields with respect to TCM. 

Yu’s TCM skill inherited to the third generation, direct line of descent was Yu Xuegong who read many medical books and diligently practiced, and was proficient in departments of medicine, surgery, pediatrics and so on. Because he owned profound medical technology and always helped people out of trouble, there were always many patients seeking his service. He pursued his hobby of collecting documentation and fully enjoyed medical books. In addition to be a doctor, he diligently read books which cultivated his mental method. He advocated that doctors should be good at acupuncture and drugs and thought that adaptation of drug, addition and subtraction of drug, changes in drug should be based on the severity of illness and differences rather than sticking to ancient prescriptions. His academic points had a significant impact on Yu’s family of TCM. 

There was a great doctor after Yu Xuegong – Yu Shaoying who as a doctor for more than 40 years and cured many patients suffering from skin diseases. According to what Yu’s members said, Yu Shaoying visited his friend living in Wula Street one year. Jilin General sent a person to invite him to General’s House to treat a disease because General’s brother-in-law suffering from suppurative osteomyelitis and pus couldn’t be discharged which festered into the abdomen. The patient was delirious and difficult to drink soup and decoction. General invited 7 doctors to treat for him but the condition has not improved. When Yu Shaoying saw the patient in General’s House, the patient was already dying. Yu Shaoying used acupuncture to discharge pus and let the patient take the medicine of benefiting qi and improving the flow of energy channel. Thus, discharge toxin and promote circulation and remove stasis. Plus serving appetizers medicine, warmly invigorate kidney yang, make spleen and stomach healthily work and accumulate vitality. Poison was quickly discharged by regulating and treating both internal and external. Then, the open part of sores closed up. Since then, Yu Shaoying became famous in the vicinity of Jilin and also made the family motto of “Secret recipes of Yu’s TCM skill should only disclose to Yu’s members”.


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